Sunday, 20 May 2018

NOLA - New Orleans, Louisiana

One of my main highlights from the month of April is the trip to New Orleans, Louisiana. Not only because it was my first time there, but also, a very much needed and welcomed break as I was already at the brink of a burnt out given the last holiday I took was back in October 2017. Yes, I had time off work during Christmas and Easter but I stayed in London during both occasions as there were too much going on the work front.

I didn't know much about New Orleans - my travel buddy wanted to include it as part of our trip and I went along. I went with zero expectations and was completely ready to soak up new experiences that the City has to offer.

The trip definitely improved my prowess of the City. It has so much to offer - a mixture of history, culture, music and food - which is amazing!

If you know anything about New Orleans, you'll know that The French Quarter is one of its famous areas. As the name suggests, it got its name from the historical French ownership. Most of the building was built pre-1800. I was completely smitten and obsessed with the French-influenced architecture within the area. Intricately designed cast iron balcony was everywhere and they simply took my breath away.

New Orleans is also known as the birthplace of jazz as during the 19th Century, it was the only City which allows slaves to own drums. Until today, jazz music is still very big in New Orleans and it is the only place I've been where jazz could be enjoyed during midday in the middle of the street. How amazing is that?

Bourbon Street is the main strip of the City and if you are into partying, this is where you should be heading. Personally, it is not my preferred area to hang out at. I am sure things have changed over the years, but the current Bourbon Street has become too over commercialised with rows and rows of bars, strip and burlesque clubs and the music was loud, even during midday. By all means, do check it out as it is a big part of the Big Easy experience. But afterwards, when you ready for more tasteful jazz music and drinks, move away a street or two from Bourbon Street and you may find some hidden gems. The two that I stumbled upon and went back twice were Muriel's (by Jackson Square) and Beignets Cafe.

Jackson Square is another historical landmark and it overlooks the Mississippi River with the grandeur background of the St Louis Cathedral. You will also find plenty of street artists and psychic readers within the vicinity of the area. There are horse carriages which reminded me of the Central Park in NYC. There is also a big Cafe du Monde at the corner of Jackson Square if you fancy tucking into some beignets (yet another French influence).

The City is rather easy to navigate and can be easily done without necessarily requiring a tour guide. But if prefer to experience the City with guides, there are many walking tours available. I did the French Quarter History walking tour. Others which are available include The Swamp Tour and The Ghost Tour which are not my cup of tea.

Sunday, 13 May 2018

Medium Classic Lady Dior Handbag

Could we please take a moment and appreciate what a stunning masterpiece this beauty is? She is the latest addition to my handbags family.

Considering that Dior is the first luxury designer that I became aware of and that it is my favourite IT bag, I can't believe it had taken me this long to find the perfect the medium-sized Classic Lady Dior bag.

The wait may be long but it she the perfect one for me.

And here's why.

First and foremost, I always knew that I wanted a Classic Lady Dior handbag in grey, because, if you had read the history of Christian Dior, you would know that grey is his favourite colour. It is muted and neutral and it pretty much goes with almost any colour.

Secondly, I wanted a colour that is classic and timeless.

Having said that, the medium-sized Lady Dior is not an everyday bag. Therefore I don't see the point of getting it in black. Furthermore, I already own a Classic Chanel Flap in black with gold hardware. Yes, they are different bags but I don't want a duplicate or redundant colour in my collection, especially given the amount of money I had to part ways with.

But there was something about the classic grey shade that Dior brings out year after year. The shade simply doesn't speak to me - trust me on this - I had tried and tried the Lady Dior handbag in grey so many times in the boutique.

But when I saw this Classic Medium Lady Dior in the Blue-Grey shade, I was pulled very strongly towards it. As the name suggests, it has a grey undertone but with a hint of blue in it. Because of the grey undertone, it still falls within the neutral muted shade category.

Therefore I didn't feel that I had completely lost the plot. In fact, I feel that I could make the shade work with most of the items in my wardrobe - which is a very important factor whenever I invest in any luxury items.

The versatility of the bags also played a role in my decision-making process. It can be hand carried for a more formal look, used as a crossed-body for a more relaxed look or worn in the crook of the elbow which works both formally and a relaxed look.

Sunday, 6 May 2018

My Happiness Boosts

This post is entirely inspired by the one published on The Elgin Avenue. After reading her article I totally got on board with the simple concept of 'happiness boosts' and upon reflection, I came to a realisation that happiness boosts are often little things that make me happy and content.

So today I thought I'd share my very own list of Happiness Boosts.

First up is without a doubt, coffee. Especially the very first one of the day. I simply love the ritual of popping a Nespresso capsule into the machine and smelling the coffee aroma as it is being prepared and finally sitting down and enjoying the first sip.

A clean, neat and well-organised home. I always struggle to focus when I am not on top of my home organisation whether knowing that my fridge is stocked with delicious goodness, the laundry is done or that everything is in its place and home. Having fresh flowers around the house is a bonus too!

Well-manicured nails. I am unfortunate to have dry and hard cuticles which means that I need to keep up with my manicure and pedicure routine because looking at dry & brittle nails just drives me insane. Not good for the mental well-being.

Freshly changed beddings. That feeling when you first lay down on a newly changed bedding! Need I say more?

(Window) shopping. I love love love pottering or wandering around the high streets or department stores and feasting my eyes with new items that recently hit the stores. Being surrounded by beautifully designed and crafted shoes and bags and tailored clothing simply makes me happy. I don't even have to bring them home.

Brunch! Sweet or savoury and even better when I have it with my best friends. Doesn't matter if the conversations is a fun, full of laughter or deep-meaningful one (or a combination of all). Brunch and best friends are simply the best combinations.

Pilates and barre classes. My two ultimate favourite fitness classes at the moment.

Sunshine. Growing up in the Far East meant that I had taken the effect of warm sunny day on the well being for granted. Now I fully understand how the lack of Vitamin D could affect one's moods and happiness.

Feeling empowered and content.

A quiet me time catching up on my favourite TV series, favourite social media accounts or mastering a new piano piece.

Have you thought about your own Happiness Boosts? Do share below! x


Sunday, 29 April 2018

Ways To Inject Healthy Habits Into Your Life

If one your resolutions was to be healthier this year, and you feel like you haven't up your game enough, don't be disheartened by the lack of progress. Instead of continuing procrastinating, these are some small steps you could take to kick the ball rolling. I am a true believer that you don't have to be great to start, but you have to start to be great.

1. Wake up slightly earlier than your usual time and embrace the me time by doing what you truly enjoy. This could be as simple as reading a book, sipping the first cup of coffee or watch the sunrise from your bedroom window.

2. Make your bed. It will make your room looks neat and organised. I once listened to a speech which says 'If you want to change the world, start off by making your bed". It symbolises the first task completed and the first accomplishment for the day.

3. Instead of reaching out for your phone first thing when you wake up, do a gentle stretch such as the cat stretch or the downward dog yoga pose. If you fancy, you could also spend the first 10 minutes of your day meditating.

4. Drink water. Preferably on an empty stomach. I prefer mine to be slightly warm to fire up the digestion. Water with lemon is also good and refreshing.

5. Eat breakfast. Instead of grabbing a croissant on the way to work, start your day with a bowl of porridge. Or as the weather gets warmer, an overnight chia pudding or overnight oats. They are easy to make, tasty and the best thing is there is hardly anything to do in the morning as all the prep work had been done the night before.

6. Keep hydrated. Drink 1.5 to 2 litre of water every day. Even more so on hot days and especially when you work out. You can also eat your water. Food such as cucumber, celery, and melons are not only tasty and refreshing, they gives a boost of hydration too.

7. Claim your lunch time. Yes, it's easy to simply grab a sandwich and have your lunch at your desk. Instead of doing that, why don't you walk around the block, or if time is on your side, book yourself to a lunchtime fitness class. Your mind will be clearer and you will feel more rejuvenated afterwards.

8. Snack on nuts and fruits. Instead of getting chocolates or crisps from the vending machine.

9. Practice mindfulness. Be in the present. Don't multitask. Put the phone down when the TV is on. Have dinner at the dining table instead of on the sofa while watching TV.

10. Practice gratitude. At the end of the day, reflect on how your day went and what worked for you and what didn't. Think about the things that you're grateful for. If your day didn't go as well as you'd hoped for, don't beat yourself too much. Be kind to yourself. Afterall, tomorrow is a brand new day. So start over.


Sunday, 22 April 2018

How I Plan What To Pack For A Holiday

Seeing that I have an upcoming holiday at the end of this month, I thought I'd do a quick round-up and share a few tips on how I plan what to pack for a holiday. This method is personal to me and has always worked in the past. If there are things that have worked particularly well for you, feel free to share below!

Deciding the luggage. This is the first step to my packing. Which luggage I ended up using is highly dependent on the total number of days for the trip. For a trip up to 3D2N, I often can fit everything I need in a hand-carry size luggage. For trips longer than 3 days but up to a week, I tend to use a medium size luggage and anything longer than a week, like when I visit my family, then the large luggage comes out from the storage.

Check the weather. The weather app becomes my best friend about a week before my departure. Yes, the forecast may change, but it gives me a general idea of the outfits I need to take with me. Or if I need to bring an umbrella with me. Or covered shoes instead of sandals.

Consider planned activities. In addition to weather condition, what I plan to do and how I plan to spend my time away is another deciding factor for choosing the outfits.

Outfits planning. I start by making a list of the days that I need to pack for. I include travel days too. I do this so I know if I need to pack additional elasticated trousers as I am not a fan of flying in jeans especially for flights that are longer than two hours. I clearly mark my planned activities day by day so I don't make the mistake of packing more dresses and heels when what I actually need is more shorts and a pair of trainers. While I don't assume that I will be going out out every evening, I will throw in one or two fancy dresses and shoes for the fancy happy hour cocktails or dinner in the evening.

Revisit the colour palette. To minimise the number of items to bring while maximising the number of outfits can be created I make sure that my outfits are either from the muted/neutral colour palette. Typically these are black, white, grey, navy blue, tan. I then add a pop of colour such as red when it comes to accessories when completing the looks.

Complete the looks. I find this part is the easiest once the outfits have been decided. I will know if my outfits need a camisole, a belt, a clutch, a hat etc. Shoes wise, I tend to bring either a pair of sandals in tan, a pair of comfy sneakers if I am expecting to walk a lot and a pair of flipflops for seaside or pool. As far as handbags go, a crossbody is my preferred choice as it frees up my hands for the camera.

Lastly, and this is very personal to me, I always, always, bring my own hair-dryer. I blow dry my hair every time after a hair wash and I need a superpower heat blasting hair dryer. The one that you typically get in hotels which are attached to the wall by the sink simply doesn't do it for me.

I hope you find these tips useful and do share other tips that you may have up your sleeves down below.

Sunday, 15 April 2018

Why SLGs Are Great and What I Use It For

Small leather goods, otherwise commonly known as SLGs are not only useful but also can be an affordable way to start your luxury designer items collection. I remember perfectly, the first luxury designer item I purchased was a Christian Dior Long Wallet. They are functional and are not as expensive as buying classic designer bags. So if you have a limited budget to play with, SLGs are a great place to start.

SLGs are also a great way to add more colours to your luxury designer items collection. Due to their price point, I tend to be more adventurous with colours when purchasing SLGs. While my luxury designer handbags tend to lean towards more functional, classic, muted and neutral shades, my SLGs collection tends to have more vibrant, bright and colourful shades.

So today, I thought I'd do a round up of the SLGs that I have in my collection and what I use them for. Some of the items are no longer available as I've had them for years, but I've tried to include links to similar ones currently on the market.

The Salvatore Ferragamo Key Holder in Black was received as a gift from my best friend many many years ago. It has become my everyday staple as it can hold so many keys. Attached to it are the entrance FOB to my apartment building, the key to my apartment, mailbox key, a key to my desk drawer at work and the security pin pad for my bank accounts. I still have a slot or two available for additional keys, if needed. I never truly appreciated the practicality and functionality of a key holder until I have this. When the key holder is closed, the leather actually holds the keys together which means you don't get any key scratch marks on the inside lining of your handbags or other items such as your phone. It also stops the keys from making jiggling sound when you're out and about.

The next two items are from Liberty Collections, which is a great place to score beautifully designed yet functional SLGs and accessories. They have a wide range of goods such as passport holders, card holders, long wallets that come in a variety of their iconic Liberty design print. What I have here are the Medium Pouch and Coin Purse in Blue Iphis Canvas. I use the Medium Pouch as a travel document/ passport holder when I am travelling as well as at home. This ensures that all my travel documents are kept in one place and I simply need to grab the pouch when I am packing for a holiday. I also keep a pen in there which often comes handy to fill-in those landing cards when needed. I don't know about you, but I tend to carry a Long Champ Le Pliage bag when I travel as they are roomy and lightweight but the bags don't have any internal compartments. This often makes it difficult to find things, but keeping my travel documents in a pouch has been a life saviour. I know where my documents are and can access them in a jiffy!

The Coin Purse is the newest addition and while I thought of getting a different design initially, I decided to get the same design. Not only they look cohesive together, but also they look like they come in a set. Due to its versatility, I will not use it as a coin purse as I am not one who keeps my coin in a separate purse - they never get used! But I do have a number of store cards/loyalty cards which are taking up a lot of space in my wallet, so I decided that I want to keep them in this pouch.

The Prada Business Card Holder in Pink is also another item received as a gift from my best friend. It is rather small and slim but fits my business card perfectly.  Another cardholder that I own is from Salvatore Ferragamo in Yellow which I use to keep all the cards that are essential but not used or needed on a daily basis. These include my insurance policy, National Insurance, blood type cards.

Finally, while not a luxury designer item, but I thought I'd mention it here is the Cath Kidston travel card holder. I use it only for my Oyster card and it's perfect for my every day use - it's made of canvas and basically cost nothing so my cost per use must be negative right now :-)

So if you have not ventured into the world of SLGs, I highly recommended it. There are a plethora of options available out there. Trust me, once you start using them, you will start to wonder how did you survive without them all this while.

Sunday, 8 April 2018

Beauty and Makeup Wish List

No matter how happy I am with my beauty and makeup routine and collection, there are always a number of beauty and makeup items floating within the beauty and makeup market that make me itch wanting to give them a try or to add to my almost insatiable love and passion of beauty and makeup products. Don't get me wrong. My current skincare routine is working very well for my skin and it comprises of products that I cannot live without. Not only that, following from my recent makeup reorganisation, I also know that I have more than enough makeup to last me a lifetime. But there are still so many products on the market that I haven't tried! #firstworldproblem

While I have gotten better with the concept of delayed gratification, I still struggle to let the desire to procure them go completely. I guess if you can't take your mind off it after so so long, it is probably time to give it a go? So today I thought I'd share my beauty and makeup wish list.

My evening skincare routine always involves a double cleansing. I am currently using a Shu Uemura Cleansing Oil and it is finishing soon. I use to be able to purchase it directly from my favourite department store, but as it has stopped carrying the brand, I am thinking of substituting it with the Bobbi Brown Soothing Cleansing Oil.

If you have read this post, you will have known that I am pretty much a minimalist when it comes to my haircare. But time and time again I keep on reading positive reviews about the Philip Kingsley Elasticizer. It is without a doubt one of the most successful products from the brand and promises that your hair will be deeply conditioned, become more elastic and manageable with more bounce and shine.

Perfume is something that I like to mix and change up almost on a daily basis. Depending on my mood and the occasion I simply spritz whichever perfume that I fancy for the day. Aerin has a large selection of perfume and they all smell absolutely divine and come in the sweetest packaging which is so so aesthetically pleasing. But I have yet to add one to my collection, so the Aerin range is something that I am looking forward to try. There are three scents that I absolutely adore from the brand. They are Lilac Path, Iris Meadow and Rose de Grasse.

In the last few years, Bobbi Brown has been killing it with their eye shadow palette collections. The brand started getting a lot of my time and attention when they launched their 25th Year Anniversary City Collection. I have been hooked since then! As you know eye shadow palettes are my number one weakness when it comes to makeup. But off late I have been wanting to try the Long Wear Eye Shadow Stick. They are tiny, simple to use and have high longevity which is perfect on lazy days or when I want a quick top up of my make up after a fitness class.

The two eye shadow palettes from Bobbi Brown are currently exclusive to Sephora and they are not available to be shipped to the UK! I swear it's due to this inaccessibility that makes me want to check them out even more. Thankfully I have a trip to the USA coming up soon, so I will be sure to check them out while I am there.

Finally, there are a number of items from Glossier that I am keen to try. Skincare wise, the Solution is right up my list and makeup wise, the Cloud Paint, the Stretch Concealer and the Wowder Finishing and Setting Powder have always got me excited.

What are on your currently wish list? Do share!


Sunday, 1 April 2018

Makeup Storage/Organisation and What I Learned From It

Happy Easter! Whatever you have planned for today, and whether you're spending Easter with your friends or family, I hope you're having a fantastic time.

Easter is often associated with new life and a new beginning, regardless whether you are celebrating it based on your faith or not. A change in season also springs to mind (pun intended) as daffodils start making appearances in parks, gardens and the neighbourhood. If you are anything like me, you often feel the need to reset your life (it sure feels like a second new year) and declutter your possessions.

And that was exactly what I did on Good Friday. Not quite the full-blown Marie Kondo method, but simply throwing away old magazines that have been accumulating dust underneath the coffee table and some unused plastic containers in the kitchen.

I recently purchased the silver and brushed blue chest of drawers from Brissi. It was my first purchase from the brand, and I am very delighted with both the item and the service. As soon as I set my eyes on it I knew it will be the perfect set up for my makeup storage/organisation. I've been in the market for one for a very, very long time and I have been very adamant not to get the standard unit from Ikea as I wanted to find a piece of furniture that is not only functional but also has a bit of character. This chest of drawers which is from their China Club/Shangri La collection and is inspired from the old Chinese screens' patterns is absolutely perfection, and definitely ticks off my requirements, with an added bonus as it was on sales too!

When it arrived I was beyond excited and pretty much started my makeup storage/re-organisation/decluttering process almost immediately. Today I thought I'd share my five take aways from the organisation process.

When it comes to base and blushes, my collection is pretty small and tight. I have a blush palette from NARS, a Limited Edition from Hourglass (no longer available) and a few from Clinique which I am sure is from one of the many Gifts with Purchase promotions. I am also not a contour/ bronzer kind of girl and the only contour-highlight palette I own is from Charlotte Tilbury. This small collection is making me feel that my desire to procure the Glossier Cloud Paint totally justifiable!

While most girls can't live without a mascara, I for one is not very fussy about it. It is one beauty item that I don't ever buy myself. I guess I can consider myself a minimalist when it comes to mascara and I am happy to simply use the one that comes in Gift with Purchase promotions.

While I am fuss-free when it comes to mascara, I am a hard core loyal fan of the Bobbi Brown Gel Liner range. I am not going to say much more as I think I may do a post on my gel liner collection and how I am starting to enjoy incorporating coloured liners to up my eye makeup game.

I seem to be carrying lipsticks in my everyday makeup bag and once they are in there, they hardly make it back into their actual storage. It's a wonder that my daily makeup bag gets heavier and heavier each day. I also realised that I own more nude lipsticks that I thought I do in spite considering myself as a red lippy kind of lady.

As a makeup lover, I know that eyeshadow palettes are my weakness. Single eyeshadows just don't excite me as much but there is something about eyeshadow palettes. It must be the hues/shades that make up a palette which often comes from the same tonal family that simply make them irresistible. I kind of know that I have more eyeshadow palettes than I need but the size of my collection still managed to surprise me. When I started buying makeup I only had Estee Lauder palettes; mainly from its annual Christmas Bonus Bonanza but over time newer brands such as Zoeva and Urban Decay have made their way into my life as well. I also have a handful of Bobbi Brown palettes but they are mostly from the Limited Edition collection, such as the 25th Anniversary City Collection.

Have you reorgansied your makeup collection recently? And did you learn anything from the process?

Sunday, 25 March 2018

Chanel Bags - My Personal Collection

Spring has sprung and the clock sprung forward this morning. Albeit I wish that I hadn't lost an hour of my life, it's an inescapable cycle that we go through every year. So instead of feeling negative about it, I thought today I'd share something that always makes me very happy.

It's my personal collection of Chanel handbags.

My nearest and dearest knows that if there is one thing that I indulge myself with is luxury designer handbags. And growing up with two sisters who are much older than me means that my love for luxury designer goods started way too early in my life. Before I even finished university. But with everything in life, if there is a will there is a way and I manage to curate a sizable collection of luxury designer handbags that I am content with. Slowly but surely is definitely the name of the game.

I know, never say never, but I am at the point in my life where I am pretty happy with my Chanel collection and I am not sure if there is anything else I'd do to change things up. Of course, there is always the option of adding more colours or different style into my collection, but as you already know, Chanel handbags are costly (and their prices continually go up every year). It is not a bad place to be when I say I feel content with what I have given these are classic and timeless pieces which will take me through life.

The Half Moon Caviar Clutch is the debut item in my collection. Yes, it was bought when I had a top-end Black Tie event to attend almost 10 years ago and while it felt like a total splurge at that time, the Half Moon Caviar Clutch has been my go-to dinner bag ever since. Until this day, it takes away one more thing to think about when I am getting ready for an event - be it a wedding or a Christmas party. I've also written a piece on how having the Half Moon Classic Clutch has helped me get ready for party seasons efficiently. Read the post if you haven't.

Next came in the Camellia Embossed Wallet on Chain (WOC) which was a birthday present from me to me. It was definitely loved at first sight as I went into the store thinking of getting a Caviar leather version, but the colour red and the embossed Camellia just spoke to me that I had to take it home. The lambskin makes it less hardy as compared to one that is made of Caviar leather but I have no regrets and absolutely love it.

While it took me a while to get my hands on the Classic Chanel Flap, I finally bit the bullet after I had completed the purchase of my apartment and furnished it. As an Accountant by training, I am glad I fully appreciate the importance of financial management and no matter how passionate I am about luxury fashion items, I definitely take my financial situation into consideration, as one should! It's not worth getting into a debt situation for the sake of fashion or style. So when I had some money left from the pot that I had saved up for the newly purchased home, I decided that I could treat myself to the Chanel Classic Flap because is there even a point of owning a luxury designer item when you don't have a roof above your head?

I always knew that I wanted a Classic Chanel Flap in Black and one in Beige so that I can switch it up between seasons. The Beige definitely goes better with pastel colours and in Spring but I have to say, between the two, I definitely have used the Black Classic Chanel Flap more often than the Beige. So my advice is if you are only going to get one, go for Black.

Finally the Grande Shopping Tote. This is definitely the last addition to my collection (so far), and I made the plunge knowing that Chanel was discontinuing it two years ago. I contemplated it for a long time and caved in at the end as I was worried I would regret not having it in my collection once it's no longer in circulation.

Do your favourite pieces have its own story? Do share! x

Sunday, 18 March 2018

A Round Up of My Week | Cycling, Tower Bridge and Alumni Event

Today's post is a slight departure from my usual ones, but seeing that I had a rather interesting week last week, I thought it's worth capturing it here. Furthermore, I feel like posting something chatty and laid back today and I hope to give you a little insight into my life and what I was up to recently.

If you have been following me you would know that my exercises of choice are Pilates and Barre. But on Monday, I participated in a Cycle to Nowhere Challenge for Coram, the oldest children's charity in the UK. It was held at my office and the intention is to clock in as much mileage as possible in the hope to match the actual distance between Leeds and London (390km) and London to Cannes (1500km) which my colleagues in the Real Assets Investments are participating in. Each of the Cycle to Nowhere challenge lasted for 30 minutes and as someone who doesn't cycle nor do any spin classes, I randomly aimed for 15km and completely smashed my target and ended up with 18.5km in 30 minutes. I am very pleased with the outcome, and it simply shows the importance of setting realistic targets but at the same time gives your 100% (and beyond) to smash the target you set!.

I then had two very long days at the Tower Suite of Guoman Hotel, attending the New Generation of Operational Risk Conference. At the risk of putting you to sleep, I will spare you with all the details, but wanted to mention, if you don't know already, from the Guoman Hotel is the most insane view of the Tower Bridge. It was definitely the perfect spot to capture the Tower Bridge, the Thames with The Shard in the background. There is also a two-storey Starbucks cafe around the corner so if you ever need a caffeine fix with the most majestic view of an iconic London landmark, you now know where to go. And if you haven't tried, Starbucks breakfast porridge is legit. I'm very picky about how my porridge is done and usually, I stay away from 'take-me-to-the-counter-pot' sold in cafes, but I took some risk last week and was happy with the quality and taste of the porridge.

Finally, being a US university graduate living in London, it's very rare that I get to meet someone who graduated from my University in London. That doesn't mean there isn't any, it just means that our paths haven't crossed. So when the Dean of Smeal Colleague of Business of Pennsylvania State University was in town and hosted an Alumni event, I knew I couldn't let the opportunity go to waste. It was a fairly intimate event held at the St Ermin's Hotel (by St Jame's Park station), which by the way is a gem of a discovery! While the location is easily accessible, it is still secluded from the public and retains the colonial charm features in it. The closed event was attended by 20-30 people and definitely ignited a major throwback moment. Obviously, we graduated in different years, have had different experiences and have gone through different life journeys, but our experiences at University is the one that binds us to one another and it's always good to make new friends and expand our network especially with those who had similar experience but at the same time diverse experience from you.