Monday, 28 September 2015

Current Make Up | September 2015

Current Make Up September 2015

For some reasons since September I have simplified my everyday make up look. When I say simplified, I don't mean that I use less products on my face; it just means that I use less hassle and easy to apply products so that I can get more time sleeping than spend more time getting ready.


Sunday, 13 September 2015

Glossy Box UK | August 2015

Honestly people, I don't know where I've been because I have only been fully on board with the beauty box concept until earlier this year. I know, right? Partly I think because in the last couple years, I have been really focusing on trying to live with less having moved to a relatively new home.

Since discovering the existence of beauty boxes, I have been reading the reviews on whichbeautyboxuk site relatively religiously. Trying to minimise, if not avoid mistakes altogether for subscribing to beauty box which I am not impressed with, I thought I'd wait before jumping onto the bandwagon. And waited I did! I also tried to convince myself that this is something that I don't really need but there was always that tiny voice in me which suggests that I could be missing out on discovering new products given how loyal I am to beauty brands, and skin care and hair care range.

So when GlossyBox celebrated their 4th birthday in August (which is also my birthday month by the way!) where new subscribers could choose an extra box at no cost (from a selection of previous months' boxes), I thought it was the perfect opportunity for me to give it a go, so I did just that. Two boxes for the price of £10 + shipping I think is value for money. I chose the July 2015 UK Glossy Box as my free box which was lovely as it screamed French all over, from the box to the product range. Furthermore, because it was GlossyBox's birthday month, all the products in the August box came in full size. More reason to sign up NOW, I convinced myself. :)
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