Wednesday, 4 November 2015

Digital Detox | Its Importance and How Do I Do It?

How often do you do it? Do you even do it?

I know a friend of mine was off Facebook for a month, although, technically that was down to taking up a challenge from her husband. Another YouTuber I religiously follow recently completed a 48 hours digital detox.

Now that the clock has moved backwards and the days are getting shorter, it is very uncommon that we just want to hibernate at home. Gone are the days when the sun is shining and we feel it is such a missed opportunity  to be spending time indoors. And given  that we currently live in the digital age era, it is unsurprising that we spend way too much time on computers - not only at work, but also when we get home. Laptop, iPad, smart phones Kindle, social media apps, let's not deny it, we are all guilty of being connected way too much.

So this got me thinking, whilst I do make an effort to detox my body, why don't I do the same for my mind, which then made me realised that I actually do - without me realising it(!) and here are a list of things that I do as an alternative to spending time digitally (if there is such word).
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