Wednesday, 4 November 2015

Digital Detox | Its Importance and How Do I Do It?

How often do you do it? Do you even do it?

I know a friend of mine was off Facebook for a month, although, technically that was down to taking up a challenge from her husband. Another YouTuber I religiously follow recently completed a 48 hours digital detox.

Now that the clock has moved backwards and the days are getting shorter, it is very uncommon that we just want to hibernate at home. Gone are the days when the sun is shining and we feel it is such a missed opportunity  to be spending time indoors. And given  that we currently live in the digital age era, it is unsurprising that we spend way too much time on computers - not only at work, but also when we get home. Laptop, iPad, smart phones Kindle, social media apps, let's not deny it, we are all guilty of being connected way too much.

So this got me thinking, whilst I do make an effort to detox my body, why don't I do the same for my mind, which then made me realised that I actually do - without me realising it(!) and here are a list of things that I do as an alternative to spending time digitally (if there is such word).

  1. Practising/playing the piano - Since Summer 2014, I started re-learning the piano. This in a way has forced me to spend every little time I have either at weekend and/or after work to at least practice for 30 minutes. Sometimes I don't do it daily, which means that the amount of time per practice increases as it gets nearer to the lesson day :P
  2. Magazines - As a qualified accountant and a professional internal auditor, I am a member of the professional associations which issue technical publications on a monthly basis. These publications often contains current hot topics which are relevant to my work, so I do try to keep up with reading them, before it become quite a big task to catch up on. On the beauty front, I subscribe to InStyle magazine, and I without fail will try and read the weekly copy of Stylist magazine which is distributed free of charge in London. I also receive monthly magazine from Harrods, which features a lot of interesting things that are happening either in stores or in the fashion and beauty world in general.
  3. TV Series - I know some people consider TV as a digital item too, but I decided to limit my definition of digital items to computers, iPad, iPhone and social media apps. Autumn / Fall is the time when most if not all TV series release  their new Season - Scandal, How I Get Away With Murder, X Factor etc just to name a few that I watch  religiously.
  4. Books - I have to admit, compared to 10 years ago, when I first moved to London, I definitely read less books these days. Not to blame the internet, but there is definitely a direct correlation. Having said that, I have made a pledge to read as many classic books especially during the Christmas/New Year holiday as I can!
  5. Home spa - This could be as simple as having a nice hot bath, or putting on a face/hair mask.
So these are some of the ways I do to detox myself from the digital world. If you do anything differently, feel free to share as I'd like to hear and may even try them out! x

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