Sunday, 7 February 2016

Improving Productivity | Doing More by Doing Less

Hello everybody! Apologies that I missed a post last weekend. I had a cold and wasn't up to do anything, but thankfully I managed to shake it off and I am well now.

Today I wanted to write about a few minor steps that I have taken over the years, which I feel have helped me to do more things that are more life enriching. I am not saying that you have to follow these steps, because as we know, everyone has different priorities.

  1. Sky+ - I didn't subscribe to any broadcasting services for the good few years of living in the UK. I didn't feel it was something I needed but when I changed jobs in 2010 which required me to travel within the UK quite a bit (at least during the first six month), I felt a bit gutted having to miss my favourite tv series. So I decided to subscribe to Sky. The package that I chose enabled to me record my favourite tv series whenever I am not at home. OMG! It was definitely a life changing discovery for me because since then, I never had to keep track what shows I want to watch on which day. Having Sky+ has enabled to me get on with my life - i.e. weekly piano lessons and pilates and I can go out and about catching up with my friends whenever because I know that I can always catch up on my favourite tv shows when I get home!
  2. Outsourcing - what I mean by this is getting help where possible. In my case, this is the home cleaning services. Previously I used to do all the house cleaning myself. Which means, every other Saturday I spent good few hours in the morning to get my place in order. While I am not saying that everyone now should I hire a cleaner, I certainly feel it is one of the best decisions I have made. The cleaner only comes in once a fortnight and since then, I have managed to do more things at the weekend and didn't have to worry too much about cleaning tasks. Previously, the cleaner comes on Saturday morning and once the cleaner is in, I would either go for my run or to the gym. But now, I've changed the days to Friday and oh the feeling of walking into a clean flat after a long week of work is priceless!
  3. Deliveries - Living in London has meant that I don't need to own a car which is great but it can also be a nuisance when it comes to buying groceries especially when I am buying a lot of liquid products like detergents etc. I am glad that almost all the supermarkets now offer delivery services. The one I use is Ocado, which used to be a part of Waitress, and at the time I subscribed to their services, they were the only one who offers one-hour delivery window. The other supermarkets at that time had delivery windows of between two to three hours. But I think now almost all the supermarkets have one-hour delivery windows due to the demand and popularity of this service. I know this is not necessarily up everyone's street because I do know people who enjoy and find walking along the supermarket's aisle is rather relaxing and therapeutic. This service is definitely one for me, not only for the convenience - I mean who doesn't like the idea of food being delivered to your door? - but also it has helped me save time and money. I find that my groceries spend is more consistent as I am less tempted to buy unplanned items.
So these are the three things that has helped me tremendously to save time. By doing less of these activities, I have gained time to do other things which are more enjoyable and enriching!
I hope you find these tips helpful especially if you are planning to do more this year and struggling to find the time to fit everything into your already busy or packed schedule.

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