Sunday, 28 February 2016

Roux at The Landau, London

The name Michel Roux Jr. is synonym to the Le Gavroche, a two-Michelin starred restaurant in London. If you are an avid follower of the UK Master Chef TV series, you'll be familiar with the French-English chef too.

I have yet to experience the gastronomical delights at the Le Gavroche but it certainly is on my ever expanding to-do list! I can imagine what the experience will be like given how I thoroughly enjoyed my experience at Roux at The Landau recently. I enjoyed it so much that I went again in the space of a few weeks!

Roux at The Landau is very accessible given it is located almost in the heart of Oxford Circus which is always busy and filled with tourists. Having said that, there is something magical about its location, given it's tucked away from all the craziness and as it's attached to The Langham Hotel.

For my debut visit to the restaurant, I sampled a three-course meal from the set menu. The set menu included a glass of wine and came to a total of £43 which was so worth it given the quality of the food, its ambience and location.

To get our palate ready, beetroot crisps was served to us courtesy of the restaurant. What a lovely gesture!

To start off the meal, I chose the celeriac soup with black truffle agnolottis and watercress which was so smooth, creamy and delicious. The portion was just enough to wet my appetite before the main arrived.
 My main was venison with red cabbage and I finished off my dinner with the Baked Alasakan with ice cream (hidden underneath the dome!). The evening ended beautifully with a serving of the petite eclair which I downed with a cup of tea (p/s there were three of us - I didn't eat all three!).
Overall, the food was beautifully prepared and served. Every single bite was flavourful and I certainly can taste all the different ingredients without one being overly powering.

My second experience was a brunch which coincided with a birthday celebration. The Sunday Brunch menu had so many things that I love which made the decision making process a difficult one.
I was torn between the prawns salads but in the end the brandy scented crab bisque won. It was hands down the best crab bisque that I have ever tasted. Although it looked rather liquid-y compared to a typical bisque, it was so full of flavour and suffice to say not a single drop goes to waste.
As it was Sunday, I felt it was apt that I chose the Sunday Roast as my main. The roast lamb was served with potatoes and greens. It was so such a delectable delight, tender, juicy and the meat just melts in the mount. As much as I would love to wipe it off clean, the serving was very generous that I only managed half of it. Which was a real shame!

To complete the meal, I decided to have something tangy and sharp for my desserts. Hence the chosen rhubarb trifle.

I would highly recommend Roux at The Landau! I enjoyed both the times that I went there and I am pretty certain that I will go again for the occasional special treat.

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