Sunday, 27 March 2016

Laura Mercier | 5 Products That I Love

Hello my lovelies. I hope all of you are having a fantastic Easter weekend and eating loads of chocolates.

Easter is one of my favourite holidays. It signifies so many things. The kick start of a new season. The days are getting longer and more importantly, it is the first proper  holiday period since Christmas.

On the beauty front, Easter tends to be the time when I get itchy to start painting my nails with those beautiful pastel colours. Damn you mini-eggs! It is also the time when I start to rejig beauty products that I use on a daily basis, which leads nicely to what I am about to write in this post.

I was going through my beauty stash and thought I'd share with you the top five Laura Mercier products which I have used and totally love!

The first two products which are a staple in my beauty stash are the Foundation Primer and the Tinted Moisturiser. The Foundation Primer definitely helps prime my skin ahead of foundation application. It also gives my make up more longevity and most importantly for someone with combination skin type, keeps my shining T-zone at bay.

The Tinted Moisturiser is something that I reach out to on my lazy days like this long weekend. I mean, who needs to faff around with make up when there are so much mini-eggs to be consumed? I have two tubes in my stash - one in the shade Bisque and the other in the shade Nude. I find Nude suits me better during the Autumn/Winter period as my skin lacks the sun kissed colour. As the weather gets warmer, I switch to Bisque which match my skin better when I have a bit of the healthy sun kissed glow.

Say hello to the latest addition to my collection. As the Spring/Summer season is approaching, I am planning to move away from a matt foundation that I have been using in the past few months to a more glowy version. This Candleglow Soft Luminous Foundation is a recent launch in the Laura Mercier's range. I have high hopes for this product after I was introduced during a make-over session. It is very light, easy to apply and glides smoothly on the skin. In terms of coverage, I would say it sits between light but is buildable to become a medium coverage without making your skin looks cakey.

Surprisingly I don't own that many Laura Mercier lipsticks. The Paint Pot in the shade Scarlett is the first item I ever purchased from this brand. It is a classic red and has matt finish but without drying the lips. While this is not the lipstick that I reach out to on a daily basis, it definitely is the one that I go for when I need that extra ooomph or whenever I feel like I need the extra help to conquer the world!

This Brown Sugar lipstick on the other hand is a shade that you can always find in my daily make up bag. It's a sheer finish, very creamy and moisturising on the lips. Very appropriate and suited for every day wear or when you feel like having a no-make-up day look.

If you have tried other products from Laura Mercier that you totally love, do drop me a comment below. I would love to check them out too! x

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