Saturday, 23 April 2016

Kaprun, Austria | My First Ski Trip

I have always wanted to give skiing a go, but was never organise enough to plan it well in advanced. As such, season in, season out, a few years down the road, I still have not hit the slopes. *roll eyes*
But this year I was very determined to make it happen and finally booked a ski trip during the first week of April. I's a late and one that is towards the end of the season. But better now than having to wait another season, I thought.

Oh boy, I sure am glad I did it!

I have to say that I didn't know what to expect. I wasn't particularly over excited nor was I very nervous.

I didn't put such high expectations on myself. I thought I'll start small and hope for the best. I'll be happy if I could stand more than falling my bum.

I opted for a group lesson. The instructor was good, skilful, attentive and clear when giving us the lessons. Unfortunately, at the start of day 2, I hurt my ankle badly and I had to stay off lesson. What annoys me the most was that the 'injury' was caused by the boots and it wasn't that I fell or doing any stunts. These were definitely the bane of my life for the week!

Because I missed the group lessons and they clearly progressed during the days when I was putting my feet up, the ski school compensated me with two private lessons. Hurray!

I definitely progressed quicker but was knackered as hell after every lesson. As you would imagine, having a private lesson means that the instructor has only me to focus on which was great! However, after going up and down the bunny slopes learning how to make snow ploughs, to stop and making turns for two hours, I was ready to not move ever after each lesson.

After two 2-hour lessons at the bunny slopes, I hit the blue run. I was feeling rather nervous initially but my confidence progressed as I start going down the slopes, slowly. Having a very attentive instructor guiding me along the way helps tremendously.

On the last day, feeling rather accomplished that I learned something new within a space of a week and with the lady who helped me making it happen. :)


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