Wednesday, 4 May 2016

Why It's So Important to Vote?

5th of May and the 23rd of June are the two keys dates for London and UK residents this year.
The London Mayoral election will take place tomorrow and in just over a month after that the UK referendum election will take place.

I personally take my voting duties very seriously and bar two occasions, I have not missed the opportunity to cast my vote during an election. The two occasions when I could not vote was before I live in the UK. I was away from my home country at that time and postal voting was not an option to me to exercise my duties.

This post is not to preach who you should vote for - as that's entirely your choice. However, given that we will decide on two key matters this year, I thought I would share three reasons why I think voting is important.

1. Honouring the suffragette.  
If you had paid attention during history lessons you will be remember that there was a time when women voices didn't matter. Women in the UK were not allowed to vote until 1928.
We certainly have the suffragette to thank for fighting for this right for women. And if I can only only have a reason to take my voting duties seriously, it'll be this one. As a woman, I will always remember that many many years ago a group of movement fought for this right for me and this is something that I will not take for granted.
2. My vote is my voice. 
Voting gives me the opportunity to be heard, make a difference, and not to mention  to hold the elected officials accountable for their actions or lack of. Ultimately it gives me the opportunity to have a say in the important issues that affect my neighbourhood and community. This could be something major like housing shortage, safety and security to the minute details of the street light are not lit, the children's playground is not maintained or non-existent of zebra crossing for residents to cross the road safely.
3. I get to choose who represents me. 
The person I choose (should he/she gets elected) will become the person who will represent me. It is him/her who will take the issues affecting my area to the relevant and higher being (e.g. Parliament). Therefore, I certainly would like to participate in the process of choosing the person whom I think is appropriate and credible for the job.

Ultimately, voting is important to me as I want my voice to be heard and I want to be part of the process to choose. Afterall, voting is not only a right but also a duty of  responsible citizen.
What about you? What are your views about voting? Will you be participating in the London mayoral and the UK referendum elections this year? If you do, I hope you will choose wisely :)

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