Monday, 5 September 2016

Saint Laurent Shopping Tote

I have been in the market for an everyday shopping tote for the longest time ever. I am pretty sure this must be the longest period of wait before I found the right one.

I am a bit of a bagaholic. A bit? Well it's all relative and subjective, right?

It must have been Louis Vuitton who sparked the trend with its Never Full collection. I would be lying if I say that I have never had an interest in it. I checked it out and tried it on several times - in the Bond Street flagship store, in Harrods, even when I was on holiday in Venice! At one point I even thought about having it personalised with my initials when I buy it. But there is something about it that I feel a bit meh.

It could be because the whole world is carrying that bag. It's everywhere! And then when it comes to the price point I thought it's a lot to pay for a bag that is made with canvas material. With all these reasonings in my head, I stayed away from it.

But when I spotted the Saint Laurent Shopping Tote in Harrods during my birthday weekend, I was pretty sure that we are destined to be together. It came in coal (dark enough for everyday use), made with 100% leather, lightweight and better value for money (read: cheaper) than the Neverfull and Goyard (which is another popular shopping tote after the Never Full and Long Champ).

But the best reason for me getting this bag is that I found a shopping tote that is not a Never Full nor a Goyard - WIN!

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