Sunday, 30 October 2016

Bobbi Brown City Collection 25th Year Anniversary Limited Edition

I am certainly having a Bobbi Brown moment at present. For the last two months, I've gone mad with their palette collections and my bank account certainly isn't happy with this recent development.
In case you missed the memo, Bobbi Brown is celebrating its 25th Year Anniversary this year  and let me tell you, they are certainly celebrating it in style, as they should, given 25 years is a big milestone!
To mark this jubilant affair, Bobbi Brown has release a number of collections, but the one that particularly stole by heart is the Bobbi Brown City Collection. (I lied, there is another palette that stole my heart but that's for another day).

The Bobbi Brown City Collection is inspired by Bobbi's favourite cities - New York, London and Paris - which are my favourite cities too! Each of the Bobbi Brown City Collection 'look' comprises an eyeshadow/blush palette, a lipstick and a gel liner - all three go hand-in-hand and would work perfectly together, to create the perfect iconic city look. It is worth mentioning that the palettes, lipsticks and the gel eyeliners are all sold separately.

To make the Bobbi Brown City Collection even more special, Bobbi also collaborated with the well-known illustrator, Richard Haines, who has created the cutest illustration for the cover of each of the City Collection palettes. The illustrations truly depict the city in question; a lady wearing a mac and Buckingham Palace guardsmen for London, a lady hailing a yellow cab for New York and a chic lady and the Eiffel Tower for Paris. My heart could melt just looking at these insanely gorgeous casing.

Moving on from the exterior, let's talk about the products.

The London Look - the London palette features shades of warm nude with a rich navy blue eyeshadow and comes with a peach-pink blush shade. The nude eye look is meant to be balanced with the Union Jack eye liner, which has a bluish-purply tone to it and the Her Majesty lipstick, which is a dark maroon shade perfect for the autumnal season.

The Paris Look - The Paris palette includes a nude eyeshadow for the base and other edgier metallic and shimmer eyeshadow in grey and metal tones. The palette comes with a rosy pink blush for a naturally flushed cheek look. To maintain the grey/metal tone throughout the look, one can apply the Gunmetal Ink gel eyeliner and the whole look is brightened up with the Parisian Red lipstick.

The New York Look - Not too different from the Paris Look, the New York palette also comes with a nude shade and two edgier metallic and shimmer shadows. However, this palette gravitated  more towards  the brown tone. Again, to maintain the simple neutral brown eye look, there is a dark brown gel eyeliner that comes with this collection. The blush is in medium pink-brown shades which goes well with the nude lipstick in the shade Bobbi (named after Bobbi herself).
If you ask me which of these three would I pick - I will not be able to give you a straight answer.
Firstly, as mentioned above, I absolutely adore all three cities and the on-point  illustrations by Richard Haines make it even harder to pick just one.

Secondly, when it comes to the eyeshadow shades, frankly, I was rather disappointed with the shades in the London palette but that's because I have relatively fair skin and I don't think the shades will come out well on me. Whilst I know which palette I am not the biggest fan of, I am torn between the Paris and New York palette as the brown/taupe and grey/metal shades are my absolute all time favourite.

When it comes to the lipsticks, my favourite is Bobbi, a true nude shade from the New York look collection. I also love the Parisian Red, from the Paris look collection and whilst I am not totally blown away by the Her Majesty shade from the London look collection, it is the perfect shade suited for the current autumn season.

And finally, the gel eye liner. As much as it's unpractical and probably not suited to be worn on a daily basis (in my conservative financial services industry), the clear winner for me has to be the bluish-purply Union Jack shade from the London look collection. The pigmentation is beautiful and gives such a dramatic effect on the eyes. Major love!

If you haven't had the chance to check these out, the Bobbi Brown City Collection is available exclusively in Harrods London. I was there a few days ago, and they still have them in stock but do hurry! x

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