Sunday, 20 November 2016

Why I Can't Resist A Gift with Purchase

Who doesn't love a gift with purchase? I know I do!

As it says on the tin, a gift with purchase is often a brand promotion to encourage consumers to purchase more items, to receive the gift(s). It is often used by brands in the beauty and cosmetics industry. In order to qualify for the gift, one often has to spend either a certain amount, e.g. at least £20 or purchase a particular item, e.g. must include a skin care item or a perfume - just as an example.

Personally, I am a sucker for a gift with purchase. I often make a bee line to the beauty or cosmetic counters as soon as I hear they are having a gift with purchase promotion. So today I thought I'd share three reasons why I can't resist a gift with purchase promotion and why I think you should consider it too.

  1. It is a great time to stock up - If you are an avid and loyal user of a particular beauty or cosmetic brand and there are products from that brand that you use which you can't live without, a gift with purchase is a great time for you stock up on those items. After all, you know that eventually your current stock will deplete and you need to re-purchase, so what better time to purchase other than now? You are after all getting more products for the same amount of money that you would spend, although do bear in mind that the gift products are often come in small or travel size, which brings me to the next point.
  2. Good size for travelling - A gift with purchase products are often produced in mini sizes. I often keep these items stashed in a storage box underneath my bed or in a corner of my bedroom. When I pack for my holiday, I will rummage through the stash to find products  that I could take with me. Taking these products with me  not only ensure that I maintain my beauty routine while on holiday, reduces the luggage weight but also saves me time from having to decant my full size products just before my trip as history has shown, it often is a chaotic moment of my life. WIN!
  3. Experimenting and finding new love - I don't mean the romantic kind of love but I guess you can have a love relationship with beauty products (hello beauty bloggers!). Although a gift with purchase comes in mini sizes, there is often enough product in the packaging to last you a week or two. So this gives a great opportunity  discover new products on the market or products that you have not tried before. You can test it to see whether you like it, if it suits your skin, or if it delivers what it promised to deliver! A week or two is often enough time for you to know if you like it or see if it is working for you. This approach has saves me time and time again from spending money on full size item that I may not like or doesn't suit me. 

So there you have it. My top three reasons why I often can't resist a gift with purchase promotion.
I hope you have a fantastic week ahead, and if you are residing in the United States, Happy Thanksgiving and go easy on the Black Friday shopping! x

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