Wednesday, 18 January 2017

The Majestically Beautiful Edinburgh

The trip back in December 2016 was my 4th trip to the majestically beautiful Edinburgh. I've seen it in all seasons with the exception of Autumn (or Fall as you call it in America). Having been to Edinburgh for both work and leisure, (it was leisure this time), I was unsurprised that my excitement was rather lukewarm. After all I've seen it all but if there was any excitement in me, it was more because I'm going somewhere and doing something as part of my Christmas holiday and not simply hibernating and rotting in my London flat.

But what I've learnt is that, Edinburgh being a magical place, will take your breath away regardless how many times you've been there. That was exactly how I felt as soon as I stepped out of the Edinburgh-Waverly train station.

The fact that I arrived rather late (it was 10pm) didn't matter. There was more than enough neon lights from the winter wonderland and Christmas market along Princess Street that got me all excited.

I stayed at the Principal on George Street, which is located within walking distance from Edinburgh Waverley Station. The exterior of the hotel is beyond gorgeous and the service they provided was simply top-notch. They went above and beyond what was expected of them to ensure that my stay was comfortable and that I had everything I needed throughout the duration of my stay.

As I made the trip on the last week before Christmas, I spent time at the Christmas Market. The cold crisp air, the smell of hot chocolate and cookies wafting through the air and the sound of Christmas carol simply heighten my excitement that Christmas was around the corner.

The trip may well have been a very short one, but it taught me that no matter how many times I've been to Edinburgh, its grandeur and majestic beauty will always take my breath away. x


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