Friday, 2 June 2017

June Goals

Hello there my lovelies.

Yes, I know I have been pretty quiet and haven't not been investing time on this space. Life definitely got the better part of me, which I think is not necessarily a bad thing.

To pick up from where we left and to celebrate the arrival of yet another new month, I thought I would create a list of things that I really want to focus on this month.

Declutter and update my wardrobe. You may well have read my previous post where I wrote about how I am getting better than buying investment pieces rather than short term key trends. This is one of my proudest achievements in the shopping department. But the time has come now that my wardrobe needs updating and the key driver this time is that I've lost weight! (Hurray!).

Plan for next holidayssss. Note the plural form :). I just returned from an amazing 3-weeks holiday where I witnessed two lovely people exchanged vows in Melbourne and spent some time with the family in Kuala Lumpur - more to be written in a separate post. I still do have a rather substantial number of leave that I will need to take before the end of the calendar year and I've no other holiday plans booked so far.

Up the effort on property search. I have been keeping my eye on the property market since September last year. What I have also learnt during this period is, I am definitely more selective this time around compared to when I was in the market for my first property (which I am currently living in). I am pretty clear of what I am looking for and I believe I am in a good place to be more active in this space.

So these are my top three priorities for the month. What about you? Do you have any goals that you wish to achieve this month? Do share them as I'd love to hear about it. x

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