Sunday, 20 August 2017

How the Too Faced Natural Love Palette Got Me On Board with the Brand

Confession time!

Until recently, I have never own any make-up and beauty products from the brand Too Faced. I know! I should have told you to make sure you're seated at the start of this post.

I definitely have heard about the brand, and all their iconic eyeshadow palettes. The Chocolate Bar, the Semi Sweet Chocolate Bar, the Chocolate Bon Bon and the Sweet Peach eyeshadow palettes. Yep, heard and seen them all.

I also believe and trust all reviews that had been written by beauty bloggers on those palettes and I have no intentions whatsoever to dispute the quality of the eyeshadows in terms of colour payoff, longevity, blend-ability and pigmentation.

The main reason why I have never had the desire to procure any of the Too Faced eye shadow palettes was simply down to the overall branding and packaging. They don't resonate with me, and where I am in my life as an individual. In my personal view, I feel the brand and packaging is more targeted to the younger beauty enthusiasts, those in the teens and in universities. By no means I am saying that was the intended audience when Too Faced selected the branding and the packaging of the those eye shadow palettes, but this is purely my perception and personal views. As a matter of fact, I am pretty certain had I purchased any of the eye shadow palettes, I would enjoy using them, just like how I enjoy using my collection of Zoeva and Urban Decay Naked range eye shadow palettes.

But when I set my eyes on this Too Faced Natural Love palette, the perceptions I had previously went out of the window. It was love at first sight. And here's why.

Packaging | The packaging design of the Too Faced Natural Love eye shadow palette is totally up my street. It is almost as if it had been designed for me. There are florals and sweet little flowers in the shade pink, it is so girly and exudes romantic vibes - every single of those elements tickle my fancy!

Content | Inside the gorgeous packaging are thirty gorgeous eye shadows and notwithstanding that it is called a Natural Love eye shadow palette, the range of hues inside the box is not only limited to neutral shades but also other shades such as peach, pink, gold, light browns, pinkish browns, bronze, purple, dark brown and black. The eye shadows also come in mixed of finishes; matte, satin, and shimmers, making this palette a dream to take with you when travelling. In addition, Too Faced had also included some of the best selling shades from the Natural Eyes, Natural Matte and Natural At Night palettes which make the Natural Love Palette a perfect one for someone like me who is a Too Faced virgin.

Price | In the UK, it's being sold at £52 which means each eye shadow only costs £1.73. I honestly think that this palette is the most value for money that I have in my collection.

And finally, above it all, this palette is a Limited Edition and not part of the permanent collection. If that doesn't make you want to run to the shops or go online to buy it, I don't know what will.


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