Monday, 7 August 2017

Large Supple Lady Dior Handbag

Every bag has its own story, which is why it is never just a bag. Well at least to me, a hard core handbag lover!

Dior is the first luxury designer brand that I was introduced to and the very first Lady Dior handbag that caught my eye was a gorgeous Red Lady Dior in crocodile leather. I was still in school at that time, pretty much clueless about designer handbags, but pretty discerning, at such young age. It was that particular moment that the handbag monster in me was unleashed, I am sure.

Fast forward to the present, and over the years of my working life, I have accumulated an impressive and sizeable collection of Dior leather goods, ranging from small leather goods such as its square and long wallets, to its iconic handbags such as the Saddle bag, the Boston bag, the Granville, and the Lady Dior.

So last week, on my very last day at Florence, I walked into the Dior Boutique to see if their Autumn/Winter Collection had arrived in store. While I always knew that my next handbag would be a Large Lady Dior, I have yet to decide on the colour.

Black with gold charm is always a classic and pretty much fool proof. However, as I already own the Jumbo Chanel Flap with gold hardware, I felt another  handbag with black and gold combination would be redundant. My Granville is a beige lambskin with champagne gold charm and my medium size Lady Dior is black with silver charm. Not to mention, there is also the Jumbo Chanel Flap in beige with gold hardware. As you can see, there isn't a lot of classic or neutral colours that I could add to my handbags collection. And neither was I prepared to go for a completely bold colour as I would not get a lot of mileage out of it.

But when Claudia, the Sales Supervisor who attended to me, presented the Large Supple Lady Dior Bag in brandy colour, my knees went weak and my heart skipped a beat. But I still have an onwards journey to Pisa and it's by train and I don't have sufficient space in my luggage, I tried to be sensible. Furthermore, the EUR to GBP exchange rate was not in my favour and by the time I add the bank overseas transaction fees, the handbag will cost more than what I would have paid in London. Spot the accountant, eh?

After much deliberation, I decided to gamble on it and I left Florence without it. If it is meant to be, it will be mine, I thought - very bravely! Especially after Claudia told me that this is an exclusive piece,  there is only one in the boutique and there are only nine pieces available across Europe.

As I continued my journey to Pisa, I couldn't stop thinking about this beauty. I was not obsessed by it but the more I think about it, the more I think this could be the Large Lady Dior handbag that I have been waiting for.

It is in the Large size which is what I wanted. The fact that it is made of calf leather means it is relatively easy to maintain and will not need to be babied. The brandy shade means it is a neutral bag and it pretty much can go with most of the items in my wardrobe. On the other hand, the unique brandy colour made is such a stand out and statement iconic piece. The D.I.O.R charm is made of aged gold metal giving the bag a rustic look while maintaining the classic Dior feature. The wide leather strap means that it can be also be used as a shoulder / cross body. The fact that it is a Limited Edition piece will make the bag even more special to me. It basically ticks all the boxes and I felt this is it. This is THE bag.

Thankfully I was in Pisa for only a day, and when I arrived in London, I made a phone call to find out if the bag is available in any of the London boutiques. Lo and behold and as though it is fated that we are meant to be together, there is one in London I was informed. I politely asked for it to be put aside for me, with a promise that I will come and get it on the same day, come hell and high water. When I made my way to the boutique, I even felt there was bounce in my steps, and it was as if I was skipping, that's how excited I was.

When I swiped my bank card to conclude the transaction, I have never felt at ease. I was so certain and even said, I am glad I waited and didn't get the Large Lady Dior in any other colours. It is as if I have met the one :)

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