Tuesday, 15 August 2017

Travel Souvenirs Which Are Functional and Wearable

If you are anything like me, enjoy travelling and have a forever expanding list of places to visit, you will appreciate this post.

Travelling not only opens up your mind and expands your life experiences. It also gives you the opportunity to become a story teller one day.

When I travel, I not only look forward to witness how the locals live, experience the culinary delights, put my photography skills into practice but also to come home with nothing less but great memories of the places that I had visited.

One of the ways I do to remind myself of the places that I had visited is by collecting magnets. They are often readily accessible which means I will not have to go the extra miles to find them. In addition, they are small and light, which means they are luggage-weight friendly. But more importantly, they are not expensive at all, much to my wallet's delight. Having said, there is only so many fridge magnets that could put on your fridge, and if your kitchen is like mine, where all the white goods are fitted to the cabinet units, you may not have anywhere to display your pride possessions.

This brings me to today's post. Other than magnets, over the years, I have also returned home with very specific memorabilia from places that I had visited which are functional and wearable. When I say functional, I mean pieces that I can incorporate into my day-to-day life and elevate my outfits and style (other than the Venetian mask below, but hey it may come handy for a costume party, yes?).

Let's start shall we?

The Venice Festival is an event that takes place annually in Venice, where dwellers wear elaborate and colourful venetian masks. I visited Venice in May 2014 and brought home a mask with me. I have to say, finding the right one is a difficult task, given the variety of options available. If you have been to Venice you will also know that walking around the city centre is like manoeuvring a maze. If you find a mask that you really like, my advice is get it because chances of you finding the shop again is very unlikely as every small piece of land is surrounded by water and they all look the same!

Other than venetian masks, Venice is also known for murano glass jewellery. You can find them in all sort of styles from earrings, pendants, bracelets etc. But the ones that caught my eyes were these millefiori in sterling silver and gold plated frame. I bought one each in silver and gold plated so that I can wear them interchangeability with my silver or gold necklace. 

This little family of pearls is from my visits to the Isle of Wight and Santorini respectively. The pair of pearl earrings are from the Isle of Wight Pear, one of the recommended places to visit on the official tourism website. The pearl necklace and the ring are from my holiday in Santorini in 2011. The ring actually comes with a pearl and the coral in the shape of a rose. Unfortunately I have lost the coral as I didn't realise when it came off from the ring, but I am not ready to part ways with the ring, just yet. 

All these rings are purchased from an antique store in the Old Town of Hong Kong. I absolutely love turquoise with coral combination and I often wear them one their own often with simple or plain outfit so that they become the standout piece of my outfit. The black ring in the middle has dragon patterns around it and I bought it simply because it signifies my birth zodiac in the Chinese calendar which is the dragon. 

And finally from my recent trip to Florence, I brought home this lovely bright coloured simple classic cross body bag. If you have been to Florence you'll know that they are famous of their leather goods. I stumbled upon the shop that sells these bags and the quality is pretty impressive compared to the ones sold at the market, and I thought why not. You can never go wrong with a simple leather bag in a classic colour. 

I hope you find this post useful and that it has inspired to look beyond the souvenirs shops when you travel next. x

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