Sunday, 12 November 2017

My Favourite Spots to See Christmas Lights in London

Now that the Halloween is a thing of the past, we can move on and start talking about my most favourite time of the year - Christmas! Having said that, as a person who once lived in the States, there is a tiny voice within me that is rather unhappy that I am ignoring Thanksgiving. But as Thanksgiving is not really celebrated in England, aside from the Black Friday Sales that I am looking forward to, I am quite happy to start getting into the Christmas feeling.

Now, admittedly London is often criticised for the lack of variety when it comes to its Christmas decor. I mean, let's face it, as a City, we are guilty of putting up the same decorations year-on-year, but, repeated or recycled or not, they never fail to bring out the festive moods to Londoners, visitors and tourists.

So today, I wanted to share the key spots where I normally head to and the route that I often take whenever I want to kick off the festivities mood in London.

As Jubilee Line is the main tube line for me, naturally I would start by getting off at Bond Street station. From there on, I will head out to Selfridges to check out its window display. Although my main intention is to check out the Christmas light and decor, I never fail to take the opportunity to check out the latest Christmas offerings being sold in Selfridges. I mean, it would be rude not to go in, right?

From there on I will exit through the side door of Selfridges (the one next to French Connection), and head over St Christopher's Place. If I am hungry, I may grab a cheeky meal or a coffee and snacks from one of the many restaurants and cafes available in the area.

I will then get back onto Oxford Street heading toward Oxford Circus way. This is probably the most painful part of the route due to the crowd and amount of people on the street. So instead of walking all the way to Oxford Circus, I often divert my route by going to Bond Street by cutting through South Molton Street.

From Bond Street, I will make my way towards Regent Street so I will end up at the iconic London department store, Liberty, which often has the most epic window display in London. Last year it had a Nutcracker theme window display which I truly love. It was so mesmerizing that it made this year's window display look rather minimal, but pretty nonetheless.

I often finish off my route at Carnaby Street before heading to either Green Park or Bond Street Station to catch the Jubilee Line home.

What about you? Have you started getting into the Christmas festivity mood? If so, what do you do to kick it off?

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