Sunday, 17 December 2017

Christmas Holiday | Things That I Am Looking Forward To

So it is one week until Christmas eve and for about a week, London will turn into a ghost town. If you are anything like me, you may well be excited at the prospect of an upcoming holiday, but actually not quite ready for the Christmas day itself. Work wise, I still have things that need finishing before the out-of-office can be switched on and gift wise, I haven't finished shopping so let's not even mention gift wrapping.

If you had read this post, you may remember the three things that will have kept me busy leading up to the present. It feels like a long time ago that I wrote it and at that time Christmas felt so far away.

By way of an update, I have started the new role and I must admit that the learning curve is slightly steeper than I had imagined. I am enjoying every minute of it though, but changing roles involves more than just learning how to do the job. It also means that I have to pick up new working styles and learn how to deal with new personalities whom I'm dealing with.

I have also received my ABRSM Piano Theory exam results. I passed with a Distinction, which was what I was aiming for with a score of 93%. I am very pleased with myself on this front.

I still have one more hurdle get through. It's the pilates teaching exam which I aim to complete by Friday. I have attended all the teaching workshops and have been assessed for my practical teaching application so it is just the online theory test that needs completing after which I will definitely be in the full swing of Christmas holiday mode (oh and officially become a certified mat Pilates instructor).

Putting the anxiety and panic feeling aside, here are the things that I am looking forward to doing during the Christmas holiday.

Pure relaxation is definitely at the top of the list. I am looking forward to wake-up gently in the morning and slowly easing into the world while sipping my first cup of coffee. Working in the financial services sector in the City of London means that I am always rushing manically every morning hoping to beat the morning rush so I can get to my desk on time. Breakfast is often skipped and I function purely on caffeine until I get to lunch time. I think a gentle start to the day will be very much welcomed during the Christmas break. I am also hoping to incorporate homemade green smoothies during the holiday period as part of my breakfast. I think my body will thank me for it especially after all the indulgence leading up to Christmas.

Last Christmas, I watched Series 1 of The Crown. Series 2 has been released on Netflix and I can't wait to get stuck in. In addition, I still need to finish watching S3 of Madam Secretary so that I can start on S4. The last season of Scandal is also on the agenda not to mention, Suits, which I am sure will no longer be the same without Meghan Markle, but hey, she will be living in the UK, which means she's one of us now, and I very much welcome that.

On the piano practice side of things, I have always been one who can play the opening section of Fur Elise. I am hoping to practise the middle part during the holiday so I can play the whole piece instead of just the renowned first section.

I noticed that the barre studio that I regularly go to will be opened on the odd days between Boxing Day and New Year. I aim to drop in on days when my favourite instructor is teaching to get my body well into the fitness routine before everyone else returns in the new year. Don't you just hate it when gyms become packed, classes get fully booked and seeing faces that you've never seen before in January? Blame it on the holiday binging and new year's resolutions. As much as I welcome new faces, I can't wait to see my regular fitness buddies during our lunchtime barre classes.

Majority of my friends will be away for Christmas, either to be with their family or to break away from the cold London winter. Having said that I am sure there will one or two who will stay in London, so I am looking forward to catching up with them. When I looked back to last year's Christmas holiday, I was actually out every day between Christmas and New Year as so many of my friends who live abroad spent their Christmas holiday in the UK. So far, I've not heard of anyone who will be here this time around, but we shall wait and see. I've also two friends who recently had a new born. It’ll be nice to pay them a visit as well.

Last but not least, remember these books recommendation? I haven't started on the third book, so that will be something that I'd like to do during the Christmas holiday.

What about you? What are you looking forward to most during the Christmas holiday?


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