Sunday, 10 December 2017

Holiday Season Party Style | My Classic Essentials

December is always the busiest month when it comes to social diaries. I am sure it is the same everywhere else but even more so in London. Leave it too late, it will be almost impossible to see your friends before they break away for the Christmas holiday and you'll most likely won't be able to see them this side of the year.

As someone who often needs to balance work commitments and social diaries, I find having a few classic items in my wardrobe helps tremendously when it comes to dressing up for the festive season efficiently. Whether it is catching up over cocktails with my friends or attending the office Christmas parties, I found that these essential items have worked for me over the years.

I am a timeless classic person when it comes to fashion. So it will be no surprise that cocktail dresses and little black dresses are my go-to items when it comes dressing up especially for a sit-down Christmas dinner. I am also a girly-girl at heart, so the more feminine the dress is the better. I have a black and white chiffon dress that I've had for years and I still love it simply because of the unique roses detailing at the neckline.

When it comes to accessories, the Chanel Classic Half Moon Clutch and these Christian Louboutin Decolette black pump have saved the day again and again over the years. You'll be amazed at how having classic pieces in your wardrobe could remove the stress of deciding what to pair your dress with. I have to say these two have worked for me every single time.

In terms of make-up, I often prep my skin by using a hydrating mask and this Bobbi Brown Skin Nourish mask does the work for me. It contains coral grass and green algae which brings hydration to the skin. 5 minutes is all it takes, after which my skin will be super smooth and soft. A perfect canvas for makeup application.

To me, a party look will not be complete without dark smokey eyes and a red lip. This Bobbi Brown Party To Go (from 2016 collection) is my go-to palette simply because it has all the shades that I need - a nude pink as a base, a dark espresso for the outer corners and the sparkly metallic bronze for the middle lids. It is no surprise that my favourite shade for a red lip is the shade Burnt Red also from Bobbi Brown.

What are your party essentials that could take you from desk to glam with the least time required?

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