Sunday, 7 January 2018

2018 Beauty Resolutions

Happy New Year! I hope you had a great start to 2018.

Seeing that this is the very first blog post of 2018, I think it would be rude if I proceeded without mentioning new year's resolutions. I am all for resolutions as we all need that something extra to look forward to, to work towards, to challenge ourselves so that, one day, when we look back, we can see how much we've achieved and how far we've come along. The key for me is always setting realistic targets so here are my three 2018 Beauty Resolutions. Nothing too crazy...

When it comes to my daily beauty routine, I have it nailed down to a T. My morning and evening beauty routines are pretty much set in stone, even down to the products that I know work effectively for my skin. Other than my daily beauty routine, I am also on point with my facials, hair cuts, nails, brows, and laser treatment appointments. However, improvements could certainly be made to the other more weekly routine and here they are.

Face mask | I love using masks and I do do it as part of my beauty routine. However, its frequency and consistency could be improved. At present, I tend to only do it when I remember to, and I am sure a more consistent schedule would not only be great for winding down after a hard day or week of work but also, my skin will appreciate it too. I have also put a ban on myself from buying more masks until I've started using up my current stash.

Body scrubbing | Body moisturising is one of my must-do steps which I do as soon as I step out of the shower. But I haven't been very religious with body scrubbing. Body scrubbing not only helps getting rid of dry skins especially during this cold winter months but also, helps body lotion to be absorbed better into the skin.

Hair Mask | There was a period of time when I was pretty consistent with my home-made hair masking method. But somehow the routine had fallen off the bandwagon and it is something I am keen to bring back to my weekly routine.  Virgin coconut oil + lemon juice is my favourite combination; it is natural, effective and wallet friendly too.

What resolutions have you set yourself for 2018? Beauty or not-beauty related, do share as I'd love to hear about them. x

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