Sunday, 22 April 2018

How I Plan What To Pack For A Holiday

Seeing that I have an upcoming holiday at the end of this month, I thought I'd do a quick round-up and share a few tips on how I plan what to pack for a holiday. This method is personal to me and has always worked in the past. If there are things that have worked particularly well for you, feel free to share below!

Deciding the luggage. This is the first step to my packing. Which luggage I ended up using is highly dependent on the total number of days for the trip. For a trip up to 3D2N, I often can fit everything I need in a hand-carry size luggage. For trips longer than 3 days but up to a week, I tend to use a medium size luggage and anything longer than a week, like when I visit my family, then the large luggage comes out from the storage.

Check the weather. The weather app becomes my best friend about a week before my departure. Yes, the forecast may change, but it gives me a general idea of the outfits I need to take with me. Or if I need to bring an umbrella with me. Or covered shoes instead of sandals.

Consider planned activities. In addition to weather condition, what I plan to do and how I plan to spend my time away is another deciding factor for choosing the outfits.

Outfits planning. I start by making a list of the days that I need to pack for. I include travel days too. I do this so I know if I need to pack additional elasticated trousers as I am not a fan of flying in jeans especially for flights that are longer than two hours. I clearly mark my planned activities day by day so I don't make the mistake of packing more dresses and heels when what I actually need is more shorts and a pair of trainers. While I don't assume that I will be going out out every evening, I will throw in one or two fancy dresses and shoes for the fancy happy hour cocktails or dinner in the evening.

Revisit the colour palette. To minimise the number of items to bring while maximising the number of outfits can be created I make sure that my outfits are either from the muted/neutral colour palette. Typically these are black, white, grey, navy blue, tan. I then add a pop of colour such as red when it comes to accessories when completing the looks.

Complete the looks. I find this part is the easiest once the outfits have been decided. I will know if my outfits need a camisole, a belt, a clutch, a hat etc. Shoes wise, I tend to bring either a pair of sandals in tan, a pair of comfy sneakers if I am expecting to walk a lot and a pair of flipflops for seaside or pool. As far as handbags go, a crossbody is my preferred choice as it frees up my hands for the camera.

Lastly, and this is very personal to me, I always, always, bring my own hair-dryer. I blow dry my hair every time after a hair wash and I need a superpower heat blasting hair dryer. The one that you typically get in hotels which are attached to the wall by the sink simply doesn't do it for me.

I hope you find these tips useful and do share other tips that you may have up your sleeves down below.

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