Sunday, 6 May 2018

My Happiness Boosts

This post is entirely inspired by the one published on The Elgin Avenue. After reading her article I totally got on board with the simple concept of 'happiness boosts' and upon reflection, I came to a realisation that happiness boosts are often little things that make me happy and content.

So today I thought I'd share my very own list of Happiness Boosts.

First up is without a doubt, coffee. Especially the very first one of the day. I simply love the ritual of popping a Nespresso capsule into the machine and smelling the coffee aroma as it is being prepared and finally sitting down and enjoying the first sip.

A clean, neat and well-organised home. I always struggle to focus when I am not on top of my home organisation whether knowing that my fridge is stocked with delicious goodness, the laundry is done or that everything is in its place and home. Having fresh flowers around the house is a bonus too!

Well-manicured nails. I am unfortunate to have dry and hard cuticles which means that I need to keep up with my manicure and pedicure routine because looking at dry & brittle nails just drives me insane. Not good for the mental well-being.

Freshly changed beddings. That feeling when you first lay down on a newly changed bedding! Need I say more?

(Window) shopping. I love love love pottering or wandering around the high streets or department stores and feasting my eyes with new items that recently hit the stores. Being surrounded by beautifully designed and crafted shoes and bags and tailored clothing simply makes me happy. I don't even have to bring them home.

Brunch! Sweet or savoury and even better when I have it with my best friends. Doesn't matter if the conversations is a fun, full of laughter or deep-meaningful one (or a combination of all). Brunch and best friends are simply the best combinations.

Pilates and barre classes. My two ultimate favourite fitness classes at the moment.

Sunshine. Growing up in the Far East meant that I had taken the effect of warm sunny day on the well being for granted. Now I fully understand how the lack of Vitamin D could affect one's moods and happiness.

Feeling empowered and content.

A quiet me time catching up on my favourite TV series, favourite social media accounts or mastering a new piano piece.

Have you thought about your own Happiness Boosts? Do share below! x


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