Sunday, 15 July 2018

Summer Spotlight - The Past, The Present and The Future

Hi - I am back! And yes, things were rather quiet in here. But here I am about to share what I had been up to, what are the things that are currently occupying my life and what I have plans for the future.

I was away from mid-June for three weeks to visit the family in Malaysia and to attend a wedding in Adelaide, Australia. Initially, I had every intention of keeping the posts going, but I decided my time is better spent with my loved ones - not that my blog is any less important. I simply decided to prioritise and make the most of my time with my family and friends, especially that I only see them once a year.

The first two weeks of my holiday flew by very very quickly. Totally understandable. I flew Emirates from London with a transit in Dubai before arriving in Kuala Lumpur. Only to repack for Adelaide four days later with a transit in Changi Airport. By the time I arrived in Adelaide, the first week of my holiday was gone!

The wedding in Adelaide was absolutely stunning. Held at the Chateau Tanunda, in Barossa Valley with only 100 guests, it was intimate yet was a fun-filled evening with most guests partying until it was carriage time.

After the wedding, my family and I headed to Adelaide City Centre for a few days before heading back to Malaysia, again via Changi. By the time I arrived back in Kuala Lumpur, my second week of holidays was almost over.

With only just over a week left, it was a rather whirlwind pit stop with so many friends and family to see before I head back to London. I realised that no amount of days and weeks will ever be enough when it comes to spending time friends and family, but it was nothing short of amazing!

Aside from my holiday, I recently finished watching the Season 1 of The Bold Type on Amazon Prime. The series centres around the lives of three friends, working in a magazine publishing company based in NYC. It showcases the trial and tribulations as they navigate their lives in the Big Apple both on personal and professional front. I truly enjoyed it and already on board with Season 2.

I am currently reading Sapiens, A Brief History of Humankind, upon recommendation from one of my friends. I have to admit that it's not the kind of book that I would personally pick up, but the recommendations were so convincing I thought there is no harm in expanding my reading genre. I started reading it today and I have to say I am progressing well, albeit it's still early days.

In terms of what's next - sadly I have no holidays planned for the second half of the year, which probably needs to be resolved as soon as possible. August is my birthday month, so that'll keep me busy for a bit. And work-wise, the big question is what do I do post my secondment? If you don't know what I am talking about, you can read about it here and here.


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