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Miami, Florida - The Sunshine State

miami florida

Do you agree that it is the best feeling in the world when Sunday arrived and knowing that you have another day off work? Yes, it's the Bank Holiday weekend here in the UK, and I for sure will not be experiencing Monday blues tonight.

Personally, I was planning on doing as little as I could possibly get away with during the three-day weekend. While I may not be joining the majority of UK travellers on the road or at the airport, all eager and excited to get to their holiday destinations, I do have a wonderful trip to look back to and reminisce while I lounge around in my pyjamas sipping a cup of coffee.

It's Miami, Florida.

There is often a misconception that one has to be a lover of the beach to truly enjoy Miami. I am a City break kind of person when it comes to holidays. I love wandering, exploring, pottering around and discovering new things, places, and food. So the idea of sitting idly by the beach or the pool is one that I am not very fond of. Not to mention exposing my skin to the sun for a prolonged period of time.  

So do take my word when I say there is more to the South Beach when it comes to Miami.


My stay in Miami was split between the South Beach and Downtown Miami. On arrival, I headed straight to Washington Park Hotel (WHP) on South Beach, which was my home for a few nights. The hotel is conveniently located and is only a few streets away from Ocean Drive, which is the main strip of the South Beach. It also means that the beach is only a walking distance away. The rooms were spacious, modern and stylishly decorated and it offers a wide range of amenities ranging from a private pool, a lounge area but my most favourite discovery was the Employees Only bar and restaurant which is situated within the compound of the hotel. It was also the perfect discovery on the eve of Navee's birthday where we ended up chatting and sipping cocktails beyond midnight there. Just soaking the atmosphere in. It was great!

After a few nights in Miami South Beach, it was time to venture into the downtown of Miami. I stayed at the Hyatt Regency Miami. I am not usually very extravagant when it comes to accommodation but at the time of planning Navee and I got lucky that it was the most economical value in the area where we wanted to stay at.

Getting Around

Getting around in Miami South Beach is fairly easy. As it is a self-contained beach area, I mostly walked everywhere and if I wanted to venture slightly further afield, Uber is the best option for transport, if you don't have your own car.

miami florida

Things to do

In terms of what to do, it is down to personal choice because you can do as much or as little as you wish.

I used the time I had at Miami South Beach as an opportunity to relax and rejuvenate and went back to my discovering mode as soon as I hit Downtown Miami. I spent most of my time in Bricknell and Biscayne Boulevard as it is only a stone throw away from the Hotel. I mostly had brunch in this area and often ended up in rooftop bars in the evening after a day of wandering.

Coconut Grove and Little Havana are worth checking out too if you fancy a different experience and atmosphere. Coconut Grove is definitely an upmarket area with loads of independent stores to wander into and Little Havana as the name suggests gives you a true Cuban experience - very vibrant, colourful and a lively place.

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If I were to sump up my food intake while I was it Miami, it would definitely be Poke Bowl and Acai Bowl. But my ultimate discovery was definitely B Bistro + Bakery at Downtown Miami. They offered a delectable selection of savoury brunch, award-winning pastries - the charcoal croissant with caramel filling was to-die-for. My favourite dish was the Madras Curry Lamb - slices of melt in the mouth lamb served on a slice of sourdough bread topped with crispy onions and crumbled feta cheese. Unusual but awesomely delicious!  

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