Sunday, 23 September 2018

The Future Direction of My Blog - What To Expect Going Forward

the future of blogging

I love writing. Whether it is technical reports for work or posts for the blog. There is something therapeutic about it, and I see it as a way to tell a story. 

My journey and passion for writing will not have evolved to where it is now if not for the continued support from you who keep coming back weeks after weeks to this blog. To those who had taken the time to leave comments, thank you! The interactions and engagements give a sense of belonging and togetherness. It is what I truly enjoy being a part of this community. 

As with everything in life, we grow, change and evolve. It is all part of the process of moving forward. So today, I wanted to share with you the future direction of my blog and what you could expect from theflairsophy going forward. 

Format & Layout 

If you're a regular reader, I am sure you will have noticed that this blog had a facelift last week. It is the second time that I had changed the format and layout of this blog and it was done as part of its ongoing growth and improvement. But more importantly, I wanted to give you a more welcoming feel when you land here and a more enjoyable navigation experience as you explore its content, be it old or new. 

Contentwise, I have narrowed things down to three genres - Beauty, Fashion and Lifestyle. Everything that I had written previously and will be going forward that relates to general life tips and advice, places explored and travel experiences will now be housed in the Lifestyle category. 

Posting Schedule

At the beginning of 2006, I made a commitment to posting on a weekly basis - on Sunday. Today, I am proud to say that I have successfully kept to this commitment (bar the very few times when I was away on holiday with the family). As my readership grows, it is only natural that I feel encouraged to write more so you have fresh content to come back to. 

But as you know, I run this blog on the side of my full-time career. While I don't want that to be an excuse or a hindrance, I need to acknowledge the limitation it posed in order for me to find a feasible solution so that I stay true to this blog's manifesto: 

"Beauty, Fashion and Lifestyle blog for modern, ambitious, driven women looking to have a balanced, contented and magical life"

So from October onwards, I am moving my posting schedule from Sunday to Monday. I have debated and given this so much thought as I question the availability of time to read blog posts on the first day of the week. But I finally feel ready to give it a try. This change is all about wanting to give you more but without sacrificing content quality in the process of doing so. By shifting my posting schedule to Monday, it means I have an extra day at the weekend to simply to do so.

But I am also conscious that this change means I am taking away the weekly content that you could leisurely read on Sundays. So to make up for creating a hole in your weekend routine, from October onwards I will be posting on Saturdays too! The Saturday posts will be curated as a weekly round-up of news and articles that had caught my eyes during the week covering a wide range of topics. This means not only you will get your weekend content a day earlier, but also the breadth of materials to read will be expanded too. The format will be intentionally short, sharp and snappy, a perfect balance between giving you fresh content but without getting in the way for you to proceed with your weekend plans.


We have now entered the final stretch of the year. It is often the busiest time of the year as we all want to hit the milestones that we set ourselves at the start of the year. 

But let's not forget, we also have Halloween, Thanksgiving and of course Christmas to look forward to. 

And in the spirit festivities and continuing on from the theme of giving, I will be hosting a number of giveaways leading up to the year-end. You can expect them to be announced here and if we are still not friends on the 'gram, let's be friends as there will be giveaway announcements there too. So watch the space!

I am feeling rather excited at these changes now that I've written them all out here. I hope you are excited as I am too! Feel free you leave any further thoughts you may have as I am all ears for new ideas. x

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