Sunday, 9 September 2018

What's in my everyday make up bag?

whats in my make up bag

You would probably have seen in the news this week what most people think of women who put on make up on the train. Who knew the majority of the public has such strong reaction, opinion and views about it!

The subject is debatable depending on who you talk to. To me, it is a personal choice. I personally don't put on make up while on the tube. Partly due to the short commute that I have and secondlyI'd like to look pulled together before stepping out of the house. However, I am always curious to see what products were used whenever I see someone doing so during my travel. 

So I thought if I am keen to know what other women carry day-in-day-out in their make up bag, you may be curious too about what I have in my everyday make up bag!

I certainly do not carry all the products I need to do a full face, but I do keep a few items handy for a quick touch up after lunch or if I were to go out straight after work.

The Pep-Start HydroBlur Moisturizer from Clinique is an oil-free moisturiser that can be used on its own or under a foundation. I find that it is not only great for hydrating the skin but also to smooth out any imperfections such as fine lines and cover up pores.

I have a normal-combination skin type, which means I often get shiny in the t-zone. The Chanel compact powder foundation is handy to have as a midday top up after I dabbed the oil away with a tissue or oil-absorbing paper.

The Elizabeth Arden Eight-Hour Hand Cream has been my go-to to reverse any signs of dryness and keep my hand soft. I am probably on my third tube already. As we are entering the Autumnal season, I have recently added the Bobbi Brown Salve into my everyday make up bag. It served a dual purpose for me; to keep my lips hydrated and to keep my dry nail cuticles happy.

I don't know why I need to carry 5 lipsticks at any one time, but these are the ones which currently reside permanently in my make up bag. At least until I change things up for more Autumnal and Winter shades, which I am planning to do soon as the temperature is slowly getting chillier by the day. Not to mention the days are getting shorter too.

The two Clinique Pop Matte Colour lipsticks are in the shade Cute Pop and Coral Pop and it is no surprise that the Bobbi Brown semi-matte lipstick is in the shade Burnt Red, my ultimate favourite shade of red. The two liquid lipsticks are from Dida Cosmetics, a Malaysian brand. Unfortunately, they are now sold out as they were released as Limited Edition for Eid in 2017.

Finally, I carry a miniature perfume from Jo Malone (or any sample size that I have laying around at home). I believe the scent that I currently have is Pomegranate Noir.

Last but not least, a comb to tame the hair and a hair tie if I needed to put my hair up, which is very rare I have to say.

Do you have a view about women putting on make up while on the train? And what beauty items do you carry with you on a daily basis? Do share as I'd love to know. x


  1. Ahhhh I always have powder foundation too -essential!

    Love from London,

  2. Great products! I also use Elizabeth Arden Eight-Hour Hand Cream and it is awesome. Also I have this small Clique Coral Pop lipstick and really like that shade.
    Bobbi Brown lipstick looks interesting. I need to check it.


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