Saturday, 20 October 2018

Weekend Reads

Happy Saturday! And welcome to another edition of Weekend Reads - a weekly roundup of articles for your weekend reading pleasure.

Whether you read it first thing in the morning with a cup coffee or later in the evening with a glass of wine, the choice is yours.

The Art of Saying 'No'

Many people still struggle to say no. Over the years I've become better at saying no. Believe me that you can say no without coming across as being selfish, not helpful or non-collaborative.

Personality Tests

I absolutely LOVE doing personality tests! But I know it's not everyone's cup of tea. I know many people who disagree with these personality tests. In their views, these tests simply put people in a category and we are a creature which is smarter than simply being a particular type. Which I also agree. To me, one of the benefits of doing a personality test is to understand our natural tendencies and with that understanding, we could be flexible with our styles to suit other people's natural tendencies.

Meal Planning

I don't know about you, but whenever, I prepare my meals in advance, I tend to eat more balanced and healthier meals. The chances of me grabbing something quick on the way home from the office is also minimised. Furthermore, I am not a fan of having to prepare dinner from scratch especially after a long day of work.

Organising Tips

This weekend, I am attempting to do a wardrobe reorganisation, especially after purchasing a few pieces mentioned in my previous post. I also have a few beauty items (looking at you eyeshadow palettes) that I recently purchased. So at some point, I will also need to sort out my beauty stash. I find this helps to ensure I give all my products the equal amount of love and that I don't put any expired products on to my skin. 

I hope you have had a great week and see you again next week. x

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