Monday, 31 December 2018

Year End Reflection | Top 10 Special Memories from 2018

It is the last day of the year so it goes without saying that it's time that I look back to 2018 and do a recap of the highlights from the year.

I feel 2018 had flown by at the speed of light, and I am sure I am not the only one who feels this way. One of the great things of doing a recap like this is to reflect back on how the year had gone by, so we don't forget to celebrate the ups and strive at getting better when dealing with the downs.

It is always hard to pick and narrow down my favourite moments, but here are the 10 highlights from 2018.

1. Becoming a qualified mat Pilates instructor...I kicked off January 2018 by finding out that I passed my Mat Pilates Instructor practical and theory assessments. While I wished my part-time teaching profession had taken off, I am ok with the fact that it hasn't. I don't want to make it sound like I am making excuses, but my full time work demanded significant amount of time this year and I decided to focus on that. Not to mention that there were some changes on the work front this year (see no 9).

2. I continue to love Pilates...Notwithstanding the above, my passion and love for Pilates continues to grow. I took part in many workshops, as I become stronger, I moved on from classical to more dynamic Pilates classes. I even learned that I enjoyed exercising using TRX and I could actually do a pike rather gracefully :)

3. Cycle to nowhere for a charity...I took part in a cycle to nowhere challenge held at the office in support of a charity. Each participant was given a 30 minute slot and as someone who doesn't cycle nor do spin classes, I didn't have a clue how far I could cycle for 30 minutes. I aimed for 15km but smashed my target and completed just over 18km!

4. Snow in London...The 'Beast from the East' brought snow to London and I totally love it. Yes things slowed down but perhaps that was what the universe had hoped for, instead of us springing aimlessly into the year.

5. Penn State Alumni in London...I've not met a single person who graduated from the same Uni as me througout my 13 years stay in London. But I met so many when I joined the London Penn State Alumni meet up, when the Dean of Smeal College of Business was in town.

6. Travel opportunities...I truly enjoyed each and every one of the travel opportunities I experienced this year; from New Orleans to Miami in April and Kuala Lumpur and Adelaide in June. Not to mention after numerous times I transited at Dubai International Airport, I finally get to see what Dubai truly had to offer and I absolutely loved it. I am also grateful that I get to see my family and friends in Malaysia twice this year.

7. Books read...On recommendation from a friend, I read Sapiens by Yuval Noah Harari. I was completely hooked and finished the book in four days. I simply couldn't put it down. I also read its sequel Home Deus. I genuinely highly recommend these books to anyone who's looking for something to read in 2019.

8. Strong, fit and healthy...I continue to prioritise my well being during 2018. I am currently at the lightest, smallest, fittest and strongest I've ever been as a living adult. I am truly grateful for discovering what my body is fully capable of.

9. New role at work...Half way through my secondment I was offered a new role at work and I decided to embrace the change. I finished my secondment in November and started my new role in December.

10. Christmas gift from Dior...Saving the best for last. I finished off 2018 by receiving a Christmas gift from Dior, a luxury brand that I am very much deeply madly in love with. The Dior team always delivers exceptional service without fail, and they truly understand my style, tastes and needs. They treat me so well every time I visit them that it makes it impossible for me to 'cheat' on other brands now!

Have you looked back and discover some of your favourite memories from 2018?

As we close the curtains of 2018, I'd like to take this opportunity to wish you all the very best wishes for 2019!

Happy New Year!! x

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