Sunday, 16 December 2018

Looking After Your Wellness During the Festive Season

Looking after your wellness

Christmas is just over a week away, and if you tell me that you are not feeling the before Christmas manic rush, I don't believe you and I think you're not normal.

Last year, I wrote a blog post on how to be a gracious guest, but this year, I decided to write something more inward looking.

Today I am sharing with you five ways to look after your wellness during the festive season. To avoid the burn out when we finally get to Christmas Day itself!

Don't Forget Water

My first and very top tip is to hydrate, hydrate, hydrate. As the temperature continues to drop, it's very tempting and easy to reach out to flavoured drinks; coffee, tea, gingerbread latte etc. Even more so as the festivities start to ramp up, our water consumption is easily replaced with an endless amount of wine, cocktails and champagne. One top tip to not forget to drink water is to place a water bottle next to you / on your desk when you're working. I have one with a 650ml capacity. I fill it upon arrival at work and will have two refills throughout the day - just after lunch and at around 4pm. That way I know that I at least drink just under 2 litres of water, at work alone, excluding during lunch, dinner and before bedtime.

It's OK to Say 'NO'

As an extrovert, I am all about being out there and socialising. But December is not only a busy time to meet all the deadlines before the holiday season kicks in, but also an extremely busy period filled with magical festivities - work Christmas parties, cheese and wine nights, ice skating, a visit to Winter Wonderland and/or Christmas markets or a night in watching The Holiday with your girlfriends. There is no short of a reason to meet up and have a party. While it's nice to be Miss Popular and to receive multiple party invites, it is also important to segregate between the compulsory vs. the not compulsory ones. Always remember that you can turn down an invitation. Most people will understand if you can't attend, as long as you give ample notice. What is not cool is to say 'yes' and not turn up, or cancel at a very last minute.

Another way to priorities is by considering the size of the events. As a general rule, I know my lack of presence will probably not be noticed if it's a 1,000 guests event, compared to if it's a small, intimate house-party of 10 people. I'd probably make more effort to attend the latter than the former if I can only make to one.

Me Time

I am all about 'me time', during the festive season, or not! When filling-in your diaries with your to-do list, events to attend, items to buy, work to finish, why don't you also include entries for your very own downtime. This could be fitness classes that you do not want to miss, a beauty treatment day so you can have that magical glow come Christmas or even a simple manicure and pedicure to get your nails party ready! If you really want to, you could also have a zero-plans day, who's to say that you can't have a day to yourself, in your pyjamas, with Netflix and hot cocoa at the ready?

Prioritise and Be Realistic

While there are 31 days in December, the reality is we only have 3 weeks, if we are lucky, to get everything done. I have a full-time career in the corporate world, and it's very common that almost everyone starts to wind down a few days before Christmas Eve. For example, this year, almost everyone I know finishes work on Friday the 21st December. This essentially means a whole month workload gets squashed into three weeks - before taking into account all the Christmas lunches, dinners, drinks and parties - so it's utmost important that you prioritise what needs to be done before you break for the holiday and what can be gently be brought forward into the new year. If your work is dependent on input from others, make sure your expectations are aligned. The last thing you need is a last minute work stress due to them not being able to deliver the work or not being available!

Enjoy & Switch off

And when Christmas finally arrives, take it all in and simply enjoy yourself. Hopefully, you will have everything ticked off and done beforehand, but if not, don't let it get into you and ruin your holiday season. As they say, there is no end to work. Simply take some time out, spend it with your loved ones. Hopefully, you're lucky enough to have a few days off to relax, reflect and refresh. After all that, hopefully, you will return to work with renewed motivation to finish off the unfinished business or to venture into something new, afresh.

What's your take on this? I hope you find these tips handy and useful. x

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