Sunday, 2 December 2018

My Holiday Season To Do List

I know..I know that I missed two posts in the last two weeks. Pardon my tardiness, but I was actually living the life and taking a break from day-to-day things, in Dubai. More on that in a later post, but let's welcome the final month of 2018 - December is here!

How? I have no idea, but here we are!

To get into the full-on mode of Christmas festivities, today, I am sharing my top-10 items on my festivities to do list.

Without further ado here they are...
  1. Send Christmas cards to my friends; the good old snail mail version. I love receiving and sending out cards. In this digital world that we live in, this is one of the traditions that I am keen to keep alive. 
  2. Finish off Christmas gifts shopping (& wrapping, where required). Thankfully, I don't have many to buy for, and they are mostly small gestures/stocking fillers kind of gifts but they still require thoughts and planning. 
  3. Walk around London and take in all the festive lights and decorations. You can read here where best to see Christmas lights in London. 
  4. Wander around the food halls in Fortnum & Mason and Harrods. 
  5. Go to Winter Wonderland in Hyde Park (if I have enough courage to deal with the crowd!). 
  6. Re-watching my all time favourite holiday movies - Home Alone and The Holiday!
  7. Participate in all the holiday season festivities that I have been invited to, which already kicked off yesterday; a Christmas party hosted by one of the Pilates studios that I regularly go to. 
  8. Limit myself to only one Christmas flavoured coffee and hot chocolate. I am not fond of them as they are sugar laden but they also only come out once a year so gotta live a little, you know. 
  9. Finish off all work-related matters before my year-end holiday starts so that I will start 2019 afresh with nothing unfinished hanging at the back of my mind. 
  10. Finally, when Christmas Day arrives, I would like to enjoy London at its emptiest and quietest time of the year like I always do, every year. It's the best time when I reflect on the past year and look forward to the new year! 
What do you have on your to-do list? 


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